Hero Music All Stars – Te o Tsunagou ~Kanshasai Samba~ [1.10 ver] (rap by Shu Watanabe) Live

This is from the live concert held Januray 10 and 11 to celebrate Kamen Rider’s 40th year and Super Sentai’s 35th series anniversary. Which was called 40 x 35 Kanshasai Anniversary Live & Show. This is from the version that Watanabe Shu (Eiji) raps in. On the other day of the concert the rap was done by m.c.A・T. This is performed by RIDER CHIPS, Project.R, ZETKI, Kamen Rider Girls, Shu Watanabe, Aya Kamiki, May’n, Yoshiharu Shiina, Rica Matsumoto, Anna Tsuchiya, Akira Kushida, Tsuyoshi Matsubara, Hideaki Takatori, NoB, Psychic Lover, and Sister MAYO. The cast of Fourze and Gokaiger background dance as well as the four Imagin.

The subs are by Over-Time, all I did was shift the timing of their script.

PackUpload DDL

I’d like to do the rest of the concert as well someday but all of the songs haven’t been fully translated to my knowledge. Also, there are short talk segments. I can sub most of those though since mostly they’re just shouting “Are you excited?” to the audience and such.


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