Hero Music All Stars – Jounetsu ~We are Brothers~

Alright, here is Jounetsu ~We are Brothers~ subbed. This is the theme from the Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen film that was recently released in Japanese theaters. Translation is by icepath who was nice enough to let me use his stuff. I made some edits to his translation but included an untouched version as a secondary subtitle track. So when you go to check the subtitles there will be the default called “Edited icepath” and the secondary which is called “Unedited icepath.”

Edit: Noticed a stupid mistake in the scripts, so here’s a v2. v2 torrent to come sometime later on tonight, probably.

Torrent at NyaaTorrents

PackUpload Links:
Subbed Folder <— Once again, there's a softsubbed mp4 in there. In all honesty, it isn't too pretty. And, once again…again, it's not something I'm planning on doing regularly, this is for a certain someone's stream.
v2 Script Batch

I don’t have the RAW anymore, it was lost with Mediafire.


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