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I’ve been thinking about taking requests lately. If you can find a translation, I’ll consider subbing just about anything. A RAW would be helpful but it isn’t necessary, I can always try to find a RAW myself. Also, if you know any sites that host translations I’d be thankful if you could post them here. Most of the sites I know really only have Johnny’s, Anime, Female Idol or Tokusatsu music translations so if you know of any sites with other music translations I’d really appreciate it. If you know any sites that host translations of Chinese songs that would also be greatly appreciated as I can’t seem to find any that aren’t horrible.

Going to add this to the Request sticky so I don’t have two stickies taking up the whole first page.

Edit: Goodbye, Mediafire. My account was suspended so that’s the end of that. Everything will be reuploaded to PackUpload, but it’ll take some time so bear with me. Also, I lost most of the RAWs since I was unable to re-download them all in time. Sorry about all of this.

Another Edit: I decided to remove the schedule for now. I’ll still be releasing Berikyuu and S/mileage stuff, though. I might wind up releasing S/mileage even more often because of this, so I can catch up to the current releases. There will probably be a week where I do nothing but S/mileage sometime really soon. For now, I have other stuff that’s sitting around nearly finished. Land of broken S/mileage dreams here. Sorry.

So…yeah, like I said in the Status Update post (please read that for more information about the state of this blog) I’m closing the requests.


49 thoughts on “Requests Closed Schedule None

  1. Hello,

    I want to know if you authorizes me to use your scripts to translate into PT-BR.

    Affirmative Case, I have script of some PV that I can pass on to you

    Thanks, AndersonCWB

    • Oh, awesome, didn’t know that was translated. And don’t worry about the MV. I own the CD+DVD version of Kanari Junjou so I can make my own RAW.

      • really ?!! I found this translation a long time ago
        Wow you have the DVD …

  2. Hi. Rather than a request for subbing, I have something else to ask you. Since I lack knowledge about subbing files, I dont know exactly what the issue might be, but whenever I try to convert one of your mkv’s into an mp4, the subtitling is then corrupted. If I use the actual soft mkv subs, then what happens is the mp4 file ends up showing the timing, as in it actually shows something like 00.03-00.69, then the words on screen. If I use the ass files, then the mp4 ends up only showing the Romaji on the bottom in large letters, whereas the original mkv was showing the english on the bottom and the romaji on the top? Does any of this make sense to you? The reason this matters is that an Mkv canot be played through the xbox360 or ps3, which is where I watch things from, so I use programs to convert MKV’s to mp4’s, and usually the subtitling transfers normally, but with all of yours I have not been able to. At first I didn’t care and was just willing to ignore your files, but now I dont want to let your work in this resource pass me by since it seems you intend to sub many things in the future. Let me know if you have any idea of how to deal with this issue.

    • I’m not sure what you mean when the script shows the timing. Are you running it on the PS3/Xbox or your computer at that point? As far as I know the PS3 and 360 do not support softsubbed files, I assume the other MKVs you converted to MP4 were hardsubbed. You’d probably have to either hardsub the scripts to your MP4 or you’d have to stream the file from your computer using PS3 Media Server.

      I remember sgtkira from Hikari-Senshi mentioning he watches his softsubbed MKVs directly from his PS3, or something like that, though. So I’m going to ask him about it. Hopefully I’ll get a good answer for you. I never really try to watch stuff on anything other than my computer.

      Edited: About the timing showing up, I realized that it might not like .ASS formatting for some reason (even though I don’t do anything fancy…) so I made an .SRT file for you to try: http://minus.com/lFi4uakvwoYdq (You can just try it with anything you downloaded, since this is just for testing purposes)

      .SRT doesn’t allow for anything other than just showing subtitles on the bottom of the screen, as far as I know, though. So the romaji will be displayed down next to the translation.

  3. Hey! Well so the good news is that this did indeed work. The srt file displays properly after the hardsubbing conversion, except the one bad thing is that it would seem that apostrophes appear instead as some weird form of ae then superscript tm? Ha. Well, if I am the only one who needs these from you, I cant really expect you to go too much out of your way, lol. But if youre willing, I wouldn’t mind having some srt files. If you are willing to spend time converting, it should be known that I am really only interested in the Hello! Project stuff, and in the case of something like the shortcut batch, I would really only need the srt for the main version of the PV, you could save your time by not doing the rest. And yeah, so as a last issue, it would apparently also be good if you just took out all the apostrophes also . . . but like I said, this is probably more work than necessary for just me. Thanks in advance if you can start releasing the srt in the future or converting the ones you have already done, and if you dont want to for one person, then I understand that as well.

    • I’ll make a bunch of srt files for you then. I’ll try to get them done by this weekend. It would be really easy to make them if not for the fact that Aegisub doesn’t properly add every line in when converting to srt, so I have to manually copy and paste some of the lines into the script. It’s not too much of a hassle, though.

  4. Sweet. That will be great. So like I said, for stuff like short cut or Tachiagaare, if there are multiple versions of the ass files due to slight timing differences or whatever, then I will be totally satisfied with just the regular version if that saves you time. Thanks.

  5. Wow, I feel like a retard now. I was just looking through my pv list, when I realized that I have smileage’s dot bikini subbed, and it’s your version but it looks perfect! Only then did I remember what I had done to make it work back then. I just converted the ass file into a ssa file with a program I have, and it does it instantly. I can’t believe I forgot about that. So anyway . . . I thank you so much for the fact that you were going to make some srt files for me, but actually I don’t need them. So I hope you havent wasted too much time already, lol, and I hope you see this message right away. Thanks.

  6. Any chance of subbing some Momoiro Clover Z? Otome Sensou and the pirate one with the really long title in particular… I want to know what those crazy gals are yelling about~!!

    Btw, thanks for all the great subs in such a short time! As a fan of lots of the lesser-knows you’ve subbed I really appreciate your work.

    • I’m planning on doing Otome Sensou, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I remember MegaAnon was working on Mugen no Ai awhile back, but I don’t know when he plans on finishing it.

    • If you could share the laser disc rip that would be great. I’m grabbing a DVD ISO of the Wink Visual Memories DVD from JPopSuki, but I don’t know what’s on it. I would assume Samishii Nettaigyo would be on it, though. It also might take me awhile to grab this since there aren’t very many seeds.

    • I finished downloading the DVD a bit faster than I expected. Since the PV was recorded in 1989, though, the quality probably isn’t a lot better than your Laser Disc rip. I’ll get around to it this weekend since I’ll make it a double release with Ws cover of the song. I also managed to snag a TV performance from JPopSuki so I’ll probably sub that as well.

  7. Greetings, mate. If you have the time, could you please sub Kuusou Mesorogii by Yousei Teikoku? The song is super crazy awesome with a side of just plain wonderful and the singer, Yui Itsuki, has an amazing voice. I would love to see this properly subbed.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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