Tokyo Girls’ Style – Kirari

Here is the PV for Kirari subbed in English. I got the lyrics from idoLyrics but they credit the translation to pureidolheart.

Since I couldn’t find it on their blogspot I just used idoLyrics name in the filename. If you find it there and I’m just an idiot then feel free to link it in a comment or something.

Apparently the translation was from a now defunct blogspot called “aokiakiraotaku.” The lyrics were posted on JPopAsia in the archived lyrics section here.

The RAW I used was encoded by r3z4prof and I guess he likes to include both aac and ac3 audio tracks so you have audio choices now.

I don’t plan on doing any more TGS stuff besides Limited Addiction and Onnaji Kimochi. I might do Lolita Strawberry in Summer and Love Like Candy Floss but that’d be a double release with the SweetS version, because I kind of want to do some SweetS stuff. If you want me to do more I can, though. Being the indecisive person I am, I kind of changed my mind after listening to some of the more recent TGS songs. So, at some point, I’ll probably do other PVs for them as well.

Torrent at Nyaa (description was shortened because it kept giving me the teapot song for some reason despite not placing any DDL links)
Torrent at Hello Online

Edit: Mediafire account is gone. Will eventually reupload everything that’s missing to PackUpload.

PackUpload Links:
MKV Softsub


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Girls’ Style – Kirari

  1. Oooooooooh damn, sorry! I think I just copied that credit part of another lyrics page! That, or they sent it to me by email and it magically appeared there… >.> Anyways, I think I actually got that from jpopasia or something. If you do some searching around, you’ll probably find it there. If you do find it, please PLEASE tell me! Preferrably on my lyrics page for Kirari so that it’s easier for me. I REALLY don’t wanna falsely credit anything! >.<

    • The translation at JPopAsia is different from this one. It might be from an old TGS fansite I remember seeing around their debut, but I don’t think it exists anymore. That or I don’t remember the URL.

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