Karen Girl’s PV Batch V2

Well, since someone request My Wings I decided to just sub both of their songs. So, here are the PVs for Karen Girl’s My Wings and Over the Future, both the standard PVs and Dance Shots. Translation for My Wings is by JPopTime and the translation for Over the Future is by mewpudding101 at Anime Lyrics.

v2 Details: I had to do a v2 for both Over the Future PVs because I accidentally left a line in the translation as romaji. The My Wings PVs are unchanged so if you grab the torrent just point it at the folder with the old stuff and delete the old Over the Future files or something.

Torrent at Nyaa
Torrent at Hello! Online

PackUpload Links:
Folder with all MKV Softsubs (including My Wings 720p)
Over the Future .ASS Scripts v2
My Wings .ASS Scripts


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