Rina Akiyama – Moonlight Densetsu

Since everyone seems to be flipping out about this new Sailor Moon announcement thingy, here’s Rina Akiyama’s cover of Moonlight Densetsu. You probably know her from Kamen Rider Agito and Den-O. Her main line of work is gravure, though, and her nickname is “Oshirina” so expect some pervy butt shots. She’s not really a good singer but it’s not horrible or anything.

I kind of merged two translations together again this time. I used Kiwi Musume’s and Miyuki at AnimeLyrics’ translations for this.

RAW quality wasn’t very great but it’s the best I’m going to find.

No torrents this time.

Edit: Mediafire account is gone. Will eventually re-upload script.

PackUpload Links:
MKV Softsub

Also, MegaAnon subbed the two openings for PGSM here. Check ’em out.


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