Passpo – ViVi Natsu

Here is Passpo’s ViVi Natsu. Translation is by Kiwi Musume.

I was going to wait for a DVD-rip of the 2010-2011 DVD before doing this, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. This is from the .mpg file that was on the CD Single.

Edit: I remember something I wanted to mention before, but forgot about. I edited “ViVi” in the translation again, like I did in the Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 performance, but it’s quite different here than it was there. One line is the same in both which is “I’m feeling alive this summer.” I feel pretty confident about that, that was a pretty obvious change when I did it the first time. The other lines with “ViVi” in them gave me a problem before, though. This time I changed it to “vivacious” or “vivaciously” and I think it turns out pretty well and captures a similar feeling as the “alive” line while still feeling similar to the original word. I’ll leave that for you to decide, though. I definitely feel it’s better than what I did in the TIF perfomance, though. I feel like that turned out a bit sloppy.

Torrent at Nyaa
Torrent at Hello Online

PackUpload DDL:
Subbed Folder <— There's also a hardsubbed MP4 in here. Don't expect this regularly, this is a one time thing for someone else.
.ASS Script


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