PSY – Gangnam Style

And now for something completely different, here is PSY’s Gangnam Style.

The “There’s always someone better out there.” line is pretty much the only one that I’m not too happy with. That line is some kind of Korean proverb or something, but I couldn’t think of anything suitable in English other than pretty much just completely explaining it. Otherwise, this was pretty cut and dry I feel. MegaAnon gave me some styling suggestions so this will look slightly different from the other stuff I’ve done so far. Still the same simple style, of course.

Edit: Completely forgot about this TL note I should have made. “Gangnam” is a place, which is why it wasn’t translated. It’s like the “hip” part of Seoul where everyone goes clubbing and such, or something like that. It literally means something like “South River” so I thought of “South Beach” as a similar type of place to compare it to.

Translation is by Popgasa and I used the romanization from Michelia.

I probably won’t be doing any more Korean stuff for awhile. There are plenty of other sub groups out there that do that.

Torrent at Nyaa

Subbed Folder <– Once again, there's an mp4 in here. This will probably be the last time for that. I don't really have the space to be storing all of these files twice.
.ASS Script

If you want hardsubbed files, it’s really easy to make your own with xvid4PSP 5 (apparently hard subbing still isn’t working in 6 and probably never will). It’s pretty self explanatory. Just grab the raw and open it in the program, then open the .ASS script in the subtitle drop down, select a format (AVI or MP4 most likely, they also have special formats for PS3/Xbox etc.), video encode (I use xvid extreme or turbo) and audio encode (I just used “copy” instead of re-encoding it) and hit “Encode.” Fairly simple.


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