Anna Tsuchiya – Voyagers -Anna Ver.-

Here is Voyagers, the theme to the Kamen Rider Fourze solo movie. I decided to do this since I had a RAW sitting around and icepath translated it recently. I figured it would be a good time to release it this weekend, as the last episode to Fourze just aired.

The RAW I used is an HD M-On grab that I encoded to 720p, so sorry to all of you who have toasters. If anybody wants an SD I can probably toss together a hardsubbed SD if you want. If someone wants one just leave a comment and I’ll make an encode.

If DVDs get leaked I’ll probably sub the Fourze ver. also.

You can also expect more Fourze stuff, probably. I’m picking up the Music States Collection and Kamen Rider Girls Saite, so whatever Overtime and/or Aesir don’t sub I’ll probably wind up doing myself.

Edit: Also, what I said about the romaji in the W-B-X release? I totally lied. The English only line is up with the romaji again. This time I did it because there’s another English only line that I needed to word differently in the translation and I thought it would be weird if that line was all English in the romaji but another line wasn’t there at all. So, I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing with the English only lines now.

Sorry about the wall of text there.

Torrent at Nyaa

PackUpload DDL:
MKV Softsub
.ASS Script


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