Sakura Gakuin – Wonderful Journey

Here is Sakura Gakuin’s Wonderful Journey, translation is by idoLyrics.

Here are some notes on pastebin that you will want to read, probably very important to understanding some things.

I really like this song, it might actually be my favorite Sakura Gakuin song so far (excluding the amazing Babymetal, of course.) It’s a song about going on a trip across the entire world to meet everybody. It’s very catchy and does a good job of giving an “international” feel.

Expect a release of Sakura Gakuin’s performance on the Hot Stage at Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 sometime soon, also. They performed Very Shuvi and Wonderful Journey.

Also, sorry the releases have been a little spare recently. I’ve been a bit more busy with school starting up and I was working on timing something pretty large over the weekend (and being pretty lazy.)

I should mention, this is a 720p SSTV rip.

Torrent at Hello Online
Torrent at Nyaa

PackUpload DDL:
MKV Softsub
.ASS Script


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