THE Possible – Rumored Mystery Rice Love Message PV Batch

Here is a batch of THE Possible PVs. This contains Kaze no Uwasa (the standard PV, Dance Ver. and Close-up Ver.), Shushoku = Gohan no Uta, Otome Nazo Nazo, and the previously released Love Message (which also has a standard, Dance and Close-up PV). Translations are by TNLyrix.

That should finish up THE Possible unless someone can get me the Photo and Music Collection PVs for Sotsugyoushiki ~Otona ni Naru 1 Page~ or Soyokaze no Kuchizuke. Or if somebody can find more THE Possible translations.

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THE Possible – Love Message

Here is THE Possible’s Love Message PV subbed as well as the performance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2011. Translation is by TNLyrix.

Edit: So apparently there is a (very) minor error in the script. It’s not worth doing a v2 for the torrents and I probably wouldn’t bother doing a v2 at all but, for some stupid reason, I completely forgot to look for the Close-Up and Dance Shot version PVs. I have them now so at some point tomorrow/today/Independence Day I’ll upload v2 muxes and scripts as well as muxes and scripts for the Close-Up and Dance Shot Versions. Sorry. And they’re up.

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Canary Club – Sweet & Toughness PVs

Here are the PVs for Canary Club’s Sweet & Toughness. Translation is by TNLyrix.

Edit: gt5fox at H!O was awesome enough to upload the Dance Ver. PV so I have that subbed down below now. I’m not going to reupload or edit the torrents just to add it so I’m only going to have a PackUpload link for it. So, just to reiterate: the torrents do not contain the Dance Shot.

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