SweetS + Tokyo Girls Style – Love like candy floss

Here are the PVs for both SweetS’ and Tokyo Girls Style’s Love like candy floss. Translation is by Kiwi Musume.

Note: Candy floss is cotton candy. I guess everyone but North America calls it candy floss, so I just left it as is instead of translating it as cotton candy.

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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Kirari

Here is the PV for Kirari subbed in English. I got the lyrics from idoLyrics but they credit the translation to pureidolheart.

Since I couldn’t find it on their blogspot I just used idoLyrics name in the filename. If you find it there and I’m just an idiot then feel free to link it in a comment or something.

Apparently the translation was from a now defunct blogspot called “aokiakiraotaku.” The lyrics were posted on JPopAsia in the archived lyrics section here.

The RAW I used was encoded by r3z4prof and I guess he likes to include both aac and ac3 audio tracks so you have audio choices now.

I don’t plan on doing any more TGS stuff besides Limited Addiction and Onnaji Kimochi. I might do Lolita Strawberry in Summer and Love Like Candy Floss but that’d be a double release with the SweetS version, because I kind of want to do some SweetS stuff. If you want me to do more I can, though. Being the indecisive person I am, I kind of changed my mind after listening to some of the more recent TGS songs. So, at some point, I’ll probably do other PVs for them as well.

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Edit: Mediafire account is gone. Will eventually reupload everything that’s missing to PackUpload.

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