Momoiro Clover – Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo

Here is Momoiro Clover’s Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo, translation is from JPopAsia.

Excursions in Editing:
– This song, like Z Densetsu, is mostly a song about the group itself. As such, some of the differing lines between the original translation and my edit were made to better reflect that.
– In the line “We strip out of our outfits and change into something far more amazing” I didn’t use “transform” or something despite the obvious reference because I felt it didn’t work very well
– The line “That’s right, we’ll jump out from behind you” was changed to “Because we are the masters of illusion” because that line is saying something like “Because we are elusive thieves” literally, but I thought that didn’t sound cool enough
– One part that was really different was “”Will we ever manage to get a glimpse of them?”/The only thing you’ll never see is us putting all our powers together, aha~” vs. what I used “Surely you must be wondering/When we’ll eventually fade away/But with our combined strength/We’ll make sure that day never comes, aha” Those series of lines are supposed to be about them fading out of popularity, which is why I changed it so much.
– The part “Advancing to infinity/We shine more than even the night sky in everyones eyes” was changed to “We’ll make everyone’s eyes sparkle even more/Than the endlessly starry sky” because that line was more talking about how they’re so amazing that your eyes will well up in admiration or something.
– Everything else changed is pretty minor or par for the course

Anyways, enjoy.

Torrent at Nyaa
Torrent at Hello Online

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