Status Update

Holy crap, it’s been a really long time. So awhile back my laptop randomly decided to melt and, being typical me, I didn’t have anything backed up. Stuff has been randomly removed from Packupload without notice and yeah… I think I’ll be able to rip the hard drive out of my laptop and recover my stuff so I’ll try to get around to that sometime soon. Just been really lazy about it because I’d have to take the entire thing apart.

As for where I’m going to go from here…I don’t know. My ambition to sub PVs is pretty small now and I’m hopefully going to be busy over in here in this new PASSPO/idol (don’t know what else we might do yet) sub group PLUG PLUG PLUG for quite awhile. I see that request and I’ll try to get around to it, but I’m going to close requests now. You’ll probably still see me around. I’ll probably do random things here and there if I feel like it. If I can get my data off of my old laptop I have a bunch of nearly finished scripts for stuff so if I can grab those I’ll finish ’em up.

That’s it for now, sorry it’s been so long.

Best Anon ever uploaded all of my scripts here Thanks a ton! If that link ever dies, just let me know and I’ll toss em up somewhere else.


Requests Closed Schedule None

I’ve been thinking about taking requests lately. If you can find a translation, I’ll consider subbing just about anything. A RAW would be helpful but it isn’t necessary, I can always try to find a RAW myself. Also, if you know any sites that host translations I’d be thankful if you could post them here. Most of the sites I know really only have Johnny’s, Anime, Female Idol or Tokusatsu music translations so if you know of any sites with other music translations I’d really appreciate it. If you know any sites that host translations of Chinese songs that would also be greatly appreciated as I can’t seem to find any that aren’t horrible.

Going to add this to the Request sticky so I don’t have two stickies taking up the whole first page.

Edit: Goodbye, Mediafire. My account was suspended so that’s the end of that. Everything will be reuploaded to PackUpload, but it’ll take some time so bear with me. Also, I lost most of the RAWs since I was unable to re-download them all in time. Sorry about all of this.

Another Edit: I decided to remove the schedule for now. I’ll still be releasing Berikyuu and S/mileage stuff, though. I might wind up releasing S/mileage even more often because of this, so I can catch up to the current releases. There will probably be a week where I do nothing but S/mileage sometime really soon. For now, I have other stuff that’s sitting around nearly finished. Land of broken S/mileage dreams here. Sorry.

So…yeah, like I said in the Status Update post (please read that for more information about the state of this blog) I’m closing the requests.

AKB48 – Gingham Check

Mega DDL

I did a thing again, finally. I don’t know why I decided to do something that’s already been done by multiple other people, but whatever. I’ve been listening to this a lot lately and I don’t really know why. I’m not really an AKB fan.

Probably not going to make a torrent.

Translations taken from Stage48 and Midori Translates. I translated the dialogue in the beginning myself, since it was easy. Yeah, blame the “in a pickle” line on me and only me.

Edit: Oh, by the way. If you like AKB and are looking to get another song stuck in your head, go on over to Mega-Anon’s site and grab his Sugar Rush sub here. You’ll see some cool guy named “FZed” mentioned in the post, too. That guy is pretty awesome.

Rider Chips – Elements

Here is the new PV for Rider Chips’ Elements. Translation is by Kiwi Musume.

With this, Power to Tearer, and MCS beating me to the punch with Kuuga (see here) that’s all the new stuff from the Music Video Rider collection. I still have plans for some of the other PVs, though.

Thanks to GuSTaVauM again for the beautiful HD RAW. I’ll probably post a DDL for an SD later if you’re running on a toaster or something.

Torrent at Nyaa

Packupload DDL:
720p MKV Softsub
480p MKV Softsub
720p RAW

Way Late Edit: Did you know Over-Time did all three of the voted music videos? You should grab those ones instead over here. If I knew they were gonna do these, I probably wouldn’t have done ’em myself because O-T is pretty great.

Momoiro Clover – Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo

Here is Momoiro Clover’s Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo, translation is from JPopAsia.

Excursions in Editing:
– This song, like Z Densetsu, is mostly a song about the group itself. As such, some of the differing lines between the original translation and my edit were made to better reflect that.
– In the line “We strip out of our outfits and change into something far more amazing” I didn’t use “transform” or something despite the obvious reference because I felt it didn’t work very well
– The line “That’s right, we’ll jump out from behind you” was changed to “Because we are the masters of illusion” because that line is saying something like “Because we are elusive thieves” literally, but I thought that didn’t sound cool enough
– One part that was really different was “”Will we ever manage to get a glimpse of them?”/The only thing you’ll never see is us putting all our powers together, aha~” vs. what I used “Surely you must be wondering/When we’ll eventually fade away/But with our combined strength/We’ll make sure that day never comes, aha” Those series of lines are supposed to be about them fading out of popularity, which is why I changed it so much.
– The part “Advancing to infinity/We shine more than even the night sky in everyones eyes” was changed to “We’ll make everyone’s eyes sparkle even more/Than the endlessly starry sky” because that line was more talking about how they’re so amazing that your eyes will well up in admiration or something.
– Everything else changed is pretty minor or par for the course

Anyways, enjoy.

Torrent at Nyaa
Torrent at Hello Online

Packupload Links:
MKV Softsub

Haruko Momoi feat. Yukio Yamagata – Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger (Anipara Ongakukan Live)

Here is a live performance of Akibaranger’s opening song from Anipara Ongakukan. 720p youtube rip because, hahaha, finding a good quality RAW of Anipara? Impossible.

Translation is by GekiKnight. I didn’t actually change a whole lot because I really liked his translation. Whatever was changed was pretty minor. I changed where he added in their names to their colors, because the hairstyles at least are referencing the suits hairstyles.

This took a bit longer than it should have because I was really, really OCD about timing it perfectly to the onscreen lyrics. Right down to the thousandth of a second. Yes, I have problems.

Edit: I am a moron who can’t notice typos sometimes.

Torrent at Nyaa

PackUpload Links:
MKV Softsub
.ASS Script Minor fix, tell Chykin to shut up.

Shu Watanabe & Akira Kushida – Power to Tearer

Here is the new PV for Power to Tearer that was included with the Geki and Kiwami Music Video Rider Collections. Not my rip, so thanks to whoever uploaded the RAW.

Translation is by icepath.

I changed a lot of the terminology to reflect OOOs a bit more. A lot of terms were changed to “desire” and such, since that’s what the show is about. Some lines in this aren’t as great as others, but I don’t know if I could have done much better with some of them, honestly.

Edit: Added a 720p Blu-ray encode thanks to GuSTaVauM. He’s awesome.

Torrent at Nyaa

Packupload DDL:
MKV Softsub
.ASS Script
720p BD-Rip MKV Softsub