Rider Chips – Elements

Here is the new PV for Rider Chips’ Elements. Translation is by Kiwi Musume.

With this, Power to Tearer, and MCS beating me to the punch with Kuuga (see here) that’s all the new stuff from the Music Video Rider collection. I still have plans for some of the other PVs, though.

Thanks to GuSTaVauM again for the beautiful HD RAW. I’ll probably post a DDL for an SD later if you’re running on a toaster or something.

Torrent at Nyaa

Packupload DDL:
720p MKV Softsub
480p MKV Softsub
720p RAW

Way Late Edit: Did you know Over-Time did all three of the voted music videos? You should grab those ones instead over here. If I knew they were gonna do these, I probably wouldn’t have done ’em myself because O-T is pretty great.


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